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Friday, April 30, 2010

April's FREE GIVEAWAY--Thank You Notes w/Scripture

2010 marks my 5th anniversary of business with Keep in Touch Stationery Co.! To celebrate, I'm having a Free Giveaway on my blog every month during 2010!

I almost missed posting April's GIVEAWAY! I got it in here on the last day of the month! With selling our house and planting a new church, the month of April has FLOWN by! This month's FREE GIVEAWAY is a set of Thank You Notes with Scripture! You can see pictures of them above. There are 4 different designs in each set and 3 cards of each design for a total of 12 cards & envelopes. You can read more about them here including which 4 verses are included on the 4 cards.

These cards are always a favorite with my customers! So, are you wondering how to enter to win??? Here's how:

1) Leave a comment below. Just a reminder that I fixed the settings, which NOW allows you to post a comment anonymously. If you post anonymously, just remember to include your name in the post so that I can list your name when I announce the winner! :)

2) Subscribe via email or RSS feed. You'll notice both of these options at the top right corner of my blog. You'll definitely want to do this so that you don't miss any of the 2010 Giveaways! After subscribing to either email or RSS, leave a SEPARATE comment indicating that you've done so.

3) Join my Facebook group. Click through this link and join the Keep in Touch Stationery Co. group on Facebook. After you do so, post a SEPARATE comment that you've done so. If you're already a member of the FB group, post a SEPARATE comment indicating that you're a member.

4) On your blog, Facebook page, or via Twitter write about and post a link about this Giveaway. Leave a SEPARATE comment indicating that you've done so. When you post your comment, include the link to your blog, Facebook page, or Tweet with the comment. If the link is not provided, that entry will be void.

That's FOUR separate ways to enter April's FREE Giveaway! You'll want to take advantage of that! Also, if you're interested in seeing one of my new catalogs, just let me know! I have a Stationery catalog, Bag Tag & Notepad catalog and Shower Invitations catalog that I'll be happy to email you!

This giveaway will end Monday, May 3 @ 8:00 PM CST. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 4 here on my blog. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clearance Item #5--Short Notes

This is the FINAL Clearance item. I hope that you've enjoyed Keep in Touch Stationery Co.'s Clearance Sale! I'm excited to have less things to move! :)

Clearance Item #5 is the Short Note! I have 2 different styles available in a limited number of letters. You'll find pictures of the styles and available letters below. These Short Notes are regularly $10, but the clearance price is just $5.50! Each set includes 10 cards & envelopes. If you'd like to snag up one of these great deals, just email me w/the style & letter that you'd like!

There are still a few Long Notes & Enclosure Cards in certain styles and letters available at Clearance Prices. Click here to see the Long Notes and here to see the Enclosure Cards. Email me and let me know which ones you'd like!

Also, come TOMORROW--FRIDAY, APRIL 30th for April's FREE GIVEAWAY! I'll be giving away a set of Thank You Notes w/Scripture! I will post instructions of how to enter the giveaway that day, so come back Friday and enter to win!

Available Letter: B

Available Letters: B B N N P R

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clearance Item #4--Long Notes--UPDATED

It's time for Clearance Item #4--Long Notes! This Long Note style is available in the letters listed above. Each set includes 10 cards & envelopes, and the clearance price is $7.50 (regularly $14!). Don't delay--Clearance Item #3 sold out in 12 hours! Email if you'd like one of these sets. These would be great for Mother's Day or Graduation gifts!

Available letters: E E N N

Available:  "Terry" (brown w/green dots), "Jennifer" (lime green floral w/black & white polka dot trim) and S (pink & brown)

larger view of "Jennifer" with lime green floral & black and white polka dot trim
 The items with a strikethrough have been sold and are no longer available.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clearance Item #3--SOLD OUT!

Wow...that was fast! If you missed my post from last night, the sets of Happy Birthday Enclosure Cards are SOLD OUT; they only last 12 hours! There are still a few Enclosure Cards left (clearance item #2), you can look at them here

Keep an eye on the blog tonight for Clearance Item #4!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Clearance Item #3--More Enclosure Cards!

I'm enjoying Keep In Touch Stationery Co.'s CLEARANCE sale!  I hope that you are too!  Just a note that Item #1 is SOLD OUT.  There are some sets of Item #2 (Enclosure Cards) still available.  Go here to see the 4 designs and available letters.

It's now time for Clearance Item #3!  These are Happy Birthday Enclosure Cards!  These Enclosure Cards are designed for children to use to enclose with a gift.  The GREAT thing about these Enclosure Cards is that they're a little more "generic" so if you have more than one kiddo in your home (like I do!), you can use these for either child!  Your kiddo will love these cards because he/she can write his/her name on the card.  Can't you just hear them now, "I can do it all by myself, Mommy!"  These cards are usually $13 for 10 cards & envelopes, but the clearance price is $7.50!  Act quickly, because I have a limited number of each set!
One set available
Two sets available
One set available
One set available

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clearance Item #2--Enclosure Cards

This past Spring I added some new Enclosure Card designs.  The 4 in the picture are the new designs.  I LOVE these new designs because you can write a personal note on them when you're enclosing them with a gift!

I have several on hand w/different letters on them.  Below you'll find the available letters with each design.  These are normally $13 for 10 cards w/envelopes.  The clearance price is $7.50!  Don't delay!  My first clearance items sold out in 36 hours!

Available letters & styles
Green circle w/blue outline
A, R, K
Single cursive letter in orange
B, K, L, R
Brown circle w/blue polka dots
A, A, B
Pink polka dots w/brown letters
D, J, S

The letters with the strikethrough are no longer available.

Clearance Item #1--SOLD OUT!

If you missed my post from Monday, the set of 4 Baby Shower Birthday Cards are SOLD OUT!  Keep an eye on the blog this afternoon for the Clearance Item #2!

Monday, April 19, 2010

CLEARANCE SALE--Baby Shower Birthday Cards

In this post, I mentioned my upcoming CLEARANCE sell as we prepare to sell our house & move. There will be several different items for sell....so here's CLEARANCE ITEM #1:

Baby Shower Birthday Cards--GIRL SET. Click here to read more about this set. You can use them at a Baby Shower, or you could simply use them as birthday cards. Other customers have bought a set of these so that they can write their child a special card each year as a keepsake set.

I have FOUR of the GIRL SETS for sell. The set is usually $20, but it's on clearance for $13.50.*

The CLEARANCE deals are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! So, act fast! When the Clearance Sets are gone...they're GONE! The CLEARANCE price does NOT apply to NEW orders and does not include tax & shipping.

To order, just send me an email! This is one of my most popular items, so don't wait! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coming soon...CLEARANCE

Clearance sale...probably my FAVORITE thing in the world of shopping! Well, great news for you FABULOUS Keep in Touch Stationery Co. customers! I will SOON be featuring some clearance items. We're moving, and well, I'm just trying to minimize what we'll have to box up & put into the moving truck!

Keep your eyes on the blog this week to see what items will be featured w/the CLEARANCE SALE!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

March Free Giveaway--WINNER!

Thanks to each of you who participated in the THIRD GIVEAWAY of 2010! How exciting that there are 9 more to go!!

And the winner of the FIRST GIVEAWAY is.....
The Loxley Family at 12:07PM

Contact me at keepintouchstationery AT gmail DOT com and I will email you the Invitations Catalog so that you can pick out the style for your FREE 25 Shower invitations!