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Monday, April 19, 2010

CLEARANCE SALE--Baby Shower Birthday Cards

In this post, I mentioned my upcoming CLEARANCE sell as we prepare to sell our house & move. There will be several different items for sell....so here's CLEARANCE ITEM #1:

Baby Shower Birthday Cards--GIRL SET. Click here to read more about this set. You can use them at a Baby Shower, or you could simply use them as birthday cards. Other customers have bought a set of these so that they can write their child a special card each year as a keepsake set.

I have FOUR of the GIRL SETS for sell. The set is usually $20, but it's on clearance for $13.50.*

The CLEARANCE deals are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! So, act fast! When the Clearance Sets are gone...they're GONE! The CLEARANCE price does NOT apply to NEW orders and does not include tax & shipping.

To order, just send me an email! This is one of my most popular items, so don't wait! :)

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