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Monday, May 12, 2008

Enclosure Card & Bag Tag Special--THIS WEEK ONLY!

Hello, friends! I have a special on Enclosure Cards & Bag Tags--this week only! If you order between now (Monday, May 12) and NOON on Friday (May 16), you can enjoy "2 for 1" with Enclosure Cards or Bag Tags. So, for $15, you can get 40 Enclosure Cards (black ink only) as opposed to a regular order of 20 cards! For $18, you can get 40 Enclosure Cards (color ink), which is the original price for 20 cards! This is a steal! :) If you don't want 40 cards all to yourself, you can use the special to get 20 cards for yourself and 20 cards for a friend!

The special works the same way for the Bag Tags! You can get 2 Bag Tags for $7.50; original price for 2 Bag Tags is $15! You have the option to get 2 of the same design or 2 separate designs!

Also, this special extends to multiple sets! So, if you'd like to order 4 sets of Enclosure cards ($30 for black ink and $36 for color), you can get 2 additional sets free! If you order 6 sets, 3 sets are free, etc., etc. etc.! This TRULY is a fabulous deal!

In honor of the sale, I've introduced the DOTS craze to my Enclosure Cards! Last month I introduced the DOTS to the Short Note, and you can now get the DOTS with Enclosure Cards, too, just in time for the sale! Below are 3 of the most popular Enclosure Card designs purchased by my clients in the new DOTS style! I've included them in the 3 most popular fonts & color combinations: blue & brown (CASUAL font), pink & brown (LITHOS font), and blue & black (MANDINGO font)! If you don't like these color combinations OR fonts, they can easily be changed!

Email me if you'd like a catalog, or if you'd like to place an order! keepintouchstationery@gmail.com