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Monday, April 26, 2010

Clearance Item #3--More Enclosure Cards!

I'm enjoying Keep In Touch Stationery Co.'s CLEARANCE sale!  I hope that you are too!  Just a note that Item #1 is SOLD OUT.  There are some sets of Item #2 (Enclosure Cards) still available.  Go here to see the 4 designs and available letters.

It's now time for Clearance Item #3!  These are Happy Birthday Enclosure Cards!  These Enclosure Cards are designed for children to use to enclose with a gift.  The GREAT thing about these Enclosure Cards is that they're a little more "generic" so if you have more than one kiddo in your home (like I do!), you can use these for either child!  Your kiddo will love these cards because he/she can write his/her name on the card.  Can't you just hear them now, "I can do it all by myself, Mommy!"  These cards are usually $13 for 10 cards & envelopes, but the clearance price is $7.50!  Act quickly, because I have a limited number of each set!
One set available
Two sets available
One set available
One set available


Katie Thompson said...

I want the 4th design with the flower!!!!!

Michael, Carrie, and S said...

Left a Message on FB for you.

Shannon said...

please add the 3rd set with the pink and green to my quickly growing clearance sale order!!!