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Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 Christmas Cards are here!

Where has 2008 gone? This year has flown by! After the great response from the 2007 Christmas cards and several customers already asking to get started on their 2008 Christmas card, I decided to sell Christmas cards again this year!

My Christmas card designs for 2008 are ready! You'll find them below! Three of the top sellers from last year are included again, and there are seven new designs as well--a total of 10 choices! Two of the designs allow you to include two pictures on the card! If you'd like to order Christmas cards, please email me for a catalog! To guarantee delivery by December 1, make sure to order your cards before November 20! Thanks, again, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I also want to put in a "plug" for Andrea Rhodes, our dear friend from church. She took these WONDERFUL pictures of our family! You'll find a link to her website on my sidebar or click here. She's an amazing photographer and would do a FABULOUS job "shooting" your kiddos or family!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 Christmas Special

From now through December 24th, enjoy "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" on all Keep in Touch Stationery Co. products!** Also, spend $100 and enjoy free shipping! It's our way of saying MERRY CHRISTMAS to you! I've recently redesigned all of my catalogs and added new styles in our stationery, enclosure cards, notepads & bag tags! Check out pictures here or here featuring our new styles. Click here for one of our new available items to use at your next baby shower! Don't forget to take advantage of this GREAT deal! Email me if you would like a catalog!

**Does not include 2008 Keep in Touch Stationery Co. Christmas cards.

Monday, November 10, 2008

For families & parents-to-be

I remember designing the stationery that Jamie & I used for wedding thank yous. I was so excited to see our names together and to see my new last name! Now that I'm a mom, I love to see our children's names with our names together as one family! With my new catalogs, I've included new designs for engaged couples, newlyweds, parents-to-be, and families! I'm probably more excited about THESE designs than any other in the catalog because I KNOW the excitement of seeing your new name for the first time as a new wife and the joy of seeing the THREE (and now FOUR!) Mosleys' names together!

Below are some pictures of these new designs for these milestone events. Email me for a catalog!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Baby Shower Birthday Cards

Our friends, Jeff & Kelly, are seven weeks away from welcoming their daughter! (By the way, Kelly's due December 27, so that means Christmas is 7 weeks away. Are you kidding me?!?!?) We went to a shower for them last night, and boy were they "showered." They got some great things for their baby girl!

The shower hostesses asked me to design 18 different birthday cards for Jeff & Kelly's daughter. They wanted to have them at the shower in order for the guests to write fun messages, words of encouragement, and prayers for this sweet baby girl! On her birthday for the next 18 years of her life, Jeff and Kelly will give her that year's card. I had never heard of doing anything like this before at a baby shower. I confess, I was a little skeptical; I thought it sounded like a silly idea. However, I agreed to design the cards and had MUCH fun doing so!

So, last night at the shower, we presented the 18 cards to Jeff and Kelly and told them what the cards were for, and we, the guests, were instructed to write in each of the 18 cards. So, I, the rule-follower that I am, went into the dining room where the cards were spread out and started writing notes to baby girl. Before I sat down to write, I decided that I would just do a couple. However, after I sat down and wrote in the first card, I was SOLD on this being the GREATEST thing ever to do at a baby shower! It was fun to think through each birthday over the next 18 years of her life, what will be going on in her life that year, and prayers & hopes for her. I told her to ask her Mommy & Daddy for their favorite memories of turning 3 or 8 or 13. On her 10th birthday, I told her to ask her parents about the baby shower that we had for her that evening and to have them tell her about the specific prayers that everyone prayed for her that night. For her 16th birthday, I challenged her to read Proverbs 31 each week that year and pray that God would continue shaping her into a Godly woman. It was hard for me to hold back the tears! With each of the 18 cards, I thought about this sweet little life--only 7 weeks away from entering this world--but already being covered in prayer for these first 18 years of her life! and the powerful prayers that were already being prayed for her.

So, I'm convinced now. Any baby shower that I help with from now on, we're doing the 18 birthday cards! I'm SO convinced that I'm now selling these cards and making them available to you. There's a boy set and a girl set. The pictures below are of the girl set; these were the ones we used last night. If you're interested in ordering a set, just email me!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

New catalogs = new styles!

I spent the months of September and October redesigning my catalogs! Over the past 2 years, I've created other designs for customers, but with the catalogs that I'd previously designed, I wasn't able to update it to show them. I just finished a new stationery catalog, which includes the Long Note (traditional, folded notecard), the Short Note (one-sided, flat-panel card), and the Enclosure Card (a "calling card" that can be enclosed with gifts). I, also, finished a new notepad & bag tag catalog. Both of these new catalogs are now available! Just email me to request a catalog (sent via email), and I'll happily get them to you!

The new catalogs have NEW designs! There continues to be certain styles that allow you to pick your font and color, which allows you to create unique-to-you stationery! Those are the mainstays for Keep in Touch Stationery co.! However, with my old catalog, I often heard from persons that there were TOO many choices! So, I've listened to my GREAT customers' opionions! With the new catalogs, I've included new designs that are more "set in stone" because I, too, get overwhelmed by too many choices! Hopefully, these changes in the new catalog will make the decision-making process easier!

I've included some pictures of new designs! These pictures were taken of stationery that cutomers bought participating in the Adoption Fundraiser for our friends the Hollis family! Read more about their adoption here. Thanks to each of you who purchased stationery in conjunction with this fundraiser for a wonderful, wonderful cause! I had a WONDERFUL response from my customers! I've done other sales for fundraisers for adoption and for a friend going overseas, and this was the largest one, so I thank you for your support!

Enjoy the pictures! If you'd like to order any of these FABULOUS designs, just let me know! I'll happily email you the new catalogs! :) I have new designs specifically for individuals, engaged couples and parents-to-be! So, check them out! Get your order in and let's keep in touch!

More Pictures!