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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clearance Item #2--Enclosure Cards

This past Spring I added some new Enclosure Card designs.  The 4 in the picture are the new designs.  I LOVE these new designs because you can write a personal note on them when you're enclosing them with a gift!

I have several on hand w/different letters on them.  Below you'll find the available letters with each design.  These are normally $13 for 10 cards w/envelopes.  The clearance price is $7.50!  Don't delay!  My first clearance items sold out in 36 hours!

Available letters & styles
Green circle w/blue outline
A, R, K
Single cursive letter in orange
B, K, L, R
Brown circle w/blue polka dots
A, A, B
Pink polka dots w/brown letters
D, J, S

The letters with the strikethrough are no longer available.

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