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Saturday, November 08, 2008

New catalogs = new styles!

I spent the months of September and October redesigning my catalogs! Over the past 2 years, I've created other designs for customers, but with the catalogs that I'd previously designed, I wasn't able to update it to show them. I just finished a new stationery catalog, which includes the Long Note (traditional, folded notecard), the Short Note (one-sided, flat-panel card), and the Enclosure Card (a "calling card" that can be enclosed with gifts). I, also, finished a new notepad & bag tag catalog. Both of these new catalogs are now available! Just email me to request a catalog (sent via email), and I'll happily get them to you!

The new catalogs have NEW designs! There continues to be certain styles that allow you to pick your font and color, which allows you to create unique-to-you stationery! Those are the mainstays for Keep in Touch Stationery co.! However, with my old catalog, I often heard from persons that there were TOO many choices! So, I've listened to my GREAT customers' opionions! With the new catalogs, I've included new designs that are more "set in stone" because I, too, get overwhelmed by too many choices! Hopefully, these changes in the new catalog will make the decision-making process easier!

I've included some pictures of new designs! These pictures were taken of stationery that cutomers bought participating in the Adoption Fundraiser for our friends the Hollis family! Read more about their adoption here. Thanks to each of you who purchased stationery in conjunction with this fundraiser for a wonderful, wonderful cause! I had a WONDERFUL response from my customers! I've done other sales for fundraisers for adoption and for a friend going overseas, and this was the largest one, so I thank you for your support!

Enjoy the pictures! If you'd like to order any of these FABULOUS designs, just let me know! I'll happily email you the new catalogs! :) I have new designs specifically for individuals, engaged couples and parents-to-be! So, check them out! Get your order in and let's keep in touch!

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