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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby Shower Birthday Cards--September Sale--$15

These are, by far, one of my favorite Keep In Touch Stationery Co. products--Baby Shower Birthday Cards! I was asked by a friend to create these for her first child's baby shower. The Birthday Card set has 18 cards, for the child's first 18 birthdays. At the baby shower, my friend wanted those of us attending to write notes of encouragement, prayers, funny memories that we shared with the child's parents, etc. on the cards. My friend will present her daughter the cards, year after year, from her first to her eighteenth birthday. Her daughter will read the cards each year (and I know she'll treasure each one and anticipate each card's opening on her annual BIG DAY!) At first, I was unsure of how these cards would work when I whipped them out at the baby shower that evening. However, as I sat and wrote prayers for Ella in card after card, I literally held back the tears. It was truly a beautiful, moving experience. You can read more of my thoughts here in a post I wrote the evening following the baby shower.

 I have sets available for BOYS and GIRLS and also a GENDER NEUTRAL set! Pictures above are from the Boy Set and pictures below are from the Girl Set. The Gender Neutral set has similar designs, but are, obviously, color-themed in a less obvious way.

I love this product soooooooooooooooooo much that I want to make it available to my customers at a discounted rate during the month of September! Normally, the 18-card (and 18 envelope) set is $20. During the month of September, you can buy these sets for $15.

Here are some other creative uses for the set if you want a set but don't have a baby shower in your near future (or the shower has already passed because your sweet baby is now in your arms!) One cutstomer bought a set for her soon-to-be 1 year old daughter, and she had the attendees at her daughter's 1st birthday party write notes in the 18 cards during the festivities. Another mother bought sets for each of her 3 daughters to write a special message to her daughters on their birthdays from year to hear. She wanted to have "keepsake set" so that the girls can keep them and read them again, again, and again. Another customer bought a set to have at the hospital after her daughter was born. Each person that came to meet her daughter for the first time wrote a special note to her in one of the 18 cards. Finally, one savvy customer bought a set to use simply for birthday cards! If you have young children like me, you know how many birthday parties we're invited to! What a great idea to have a "stash" at home. No last minute trips to Target to buy a $3 card!

To order your set...or sets, email me-- keepintouchstationery AT gmail DOT com. The $15 sale price ends September 30, 2013.

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