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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun, new items, fonts, and pictures for kiddos!

It's been a busy Spring and Summer here at Keep in Touch Stationery Co.! I've added some new items, fonts, and pictures (for our Keep in Touch Kids line). One of my dear friends from college took advantage of the Summer Sale that I had last month! She's having twin girls (doesn't that sound SO FUN!?!?), and she picked out the cutest things for them and herself! As I packaged her order and prepared it to ship, I was squealing with glee like we girls often do! (I think my husband thought I was CRAZY!!!).

Everything she bought was SO CUTE that I just HAD to take pictures of it to post on my website!!! After snapping the pictures, I realized that her order included all new things available through Keep in Touch Stationery Co.! The first picture shows her twin daughters' new Bag Tags. I love their names AND the cute Bag Tags that she chose! This is one of 2 new Bag Tag designs that I released this spring. The cards for Mom feature her name in one of four new fonts. This font's name is "Chocolate" and is shown here in, ironically, chocolate brown! Don't you love the pink/chocolate brown combo in the stationery & Bag Tags? Also, the last picture highlights my favorite little caterpillar. I've had this caterpillar's brother in my catalog since last year. He's green & blue, and he is one of the favorite images put on stationery & Bag Tags. I've had several customers ask me for the "girl" version, so I worked on adding this sister this Spring. Isn't she cute?!?! She, too, has become one of my most popular images on Bag Tags and stationery!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures! Let me know if I can help you with an order! In the mean time, let's KEEP IN TOUCH!

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